Sperrt die Lauscher auf! Toya Delazy - Stylischer Superstar aus Südafrika im Interview zu Gast bei FREISEINDESIGN

Ich bin sehr glücklich euch meine aktuelle Ohrwurmurheberin hier präsentieren zu dürfen. Das stimmgewaltige Energiebündel Toya Delazy verzaubert nicht nur eure Lauscher mit ihrem Hit Pump It On, sondern hat auch zum Thema Styling einiges zu sagen.

Überzeugt euch selbst:

Sperrt die Lauscher auf! Toya Delazy - Stylischer Superstar aus Südafrika im Interview zu Gast bei FREISEINDESIGNFSD: What happened to your hair?

Toya: It’s a braided Mohawk. I have a Congolese hairstylist, Gina, and she is just epic at braiding. We have been working together ever since I made the Pump It On music video. I randomly walked into a salon a day before the shoot and described what I wanted and she nailed it! 

FSD: Besides your Mom, who is your fashion or style icon?

Toya:Any woman that knows how to wear dresses and look sexy. I look totally uncool in dresses, or perhaps I haven’t found the right one. 

FSD: And your favorite designer?

Toya: His name is Tekasala from Projecto Mental 


FSD: Do you have just „Goes“ between modern and vintage fashion or are there any „No Goes“ left?

Toya: Yes, there are definitely “No Goes” – I don’t do a beret and dresses, socks with frills etc… The list goes on definitely. 

FSD: Which place takes femininity in your daily life, and what does it mean to feel confident for you?

Toya: Music. I’m a sister to many people in some way through the music I sing. There are a lot of people that don’t have anyone to tell them things like „you gonna be strong and bold“ or give them messages that encourage them to keep striving. I’m there to tell them those words, so most definitely in music and especially when I sing on Piano. Confidence is the ability to be comfortable in your own skin. It depends on a few variables, for instance in my case fitness. When I’m unfit I do not feel too confident.

FSD: How does it feel to have fans and haters?

Toya: Haters are necessary, they make you strong in ways they didn’t even imagine. But you cant let them crush you. My fans are fanatics and insane! They always want to give me a hug, and get so crushed when they don’t get photo’s … It’s quite an explosive relationship. Without the fans though you are no one. The haters give me stories.

FSD: What does Berlin mean for you?

Toya: It is the capital of Germany and one of the phreshest cities in the world. Its diverse and full of  culture, it has future forward artists and all sorts of famous art. I would love to be in Berlin. It seems its the city to be in Germany.

FSD: And would you like to come and visit me in my photo studio?

Toya: Depends what pictures we taking hahaha! Otherwise Hell Yeah!